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ViewTech Multi-Media System

CoastalEtech has developed a versatile new system called ViewTech which allows many different external devices to be connected and controlled using the center Multi-Display screen as a monitor. Accessories which can be connected include:


Video cameras for back-up and night vision capabilities

Mobile PCs for E-mail and Web searching

Aftermarket GPS navigation systems

Entertainment packages including DVD, VCR, and TV

MP3 audio disks with on screen display of folders and songs


The addition of this system allows greater use from the factory display unit and allows the owner the choice of many options, which were unavailable before. CoastalEtech can install the system with various user selected needs or each can be purchased as do-it-yourself kits designed specifically for the Prius with pre-assembled wiring harnesses, components and detailed instructions with video tapes.

Pricing will be determined by accessories and capabilities desired.

Basic ViewTech System will include CoastalEtech installed additions to the factory monitor and a dash mounted switch to allow selection between conventional Toyota Graphics and a single external video source (camera, PC, Navigational System, etc.) and where sound is not a necessity


Your Prius Screen with Additions and Video Switch
Price $249.00 



Expanded ViewTech system includes CoastalEtech installed additions to factory screen and a three position dash mounted switch which allows selection between Standard Toyota Graphics, Video Source 1 (Nav, Pc, etc.), or Video Source 2 (night vision, rear view camera, etc.). A controller hub is included which directly controls the display picture and provides two power outlets for your 12 volt accessories. It also contains circuitry to allow a rear view camera to be automatically displayed during reverse operation, regardless of current screen view selected.

Your Prius Screen W/Additions, Dual Video Controller Hub,
Three Position Video Switch, Power Cable

Price $299.00 



Deluxe ViewTech system includes all of the Expanded system with the addition of an audio controller and a second dash mounted switch to allow selection of an external audio source (DVD, VCR, MP3 player, etc.) This unit plugs into the factory CD player and allows the driver a choice between CD, or the sound from one of your accessories. Using the switches, the driver is able to select video and sound together, video alone, or audio alone when desired.


Your Prius Screen W/Additions, Dual Video Controller Hub,
Three Position Video Switch, Audio Controller and 
CD Interface, Audio Switch, Power Cable

Price $385.00 



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