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     The picture above is a view of the operation of one of the new ViewTech audio/video interfaces we completed for the single package Navigation systems. These navigation systems are installed as an option in a variety of 2004-2005 Toyotas.  The operation of all of the features of the new Viewtech have been included for this model navigation system as well as for the Prius.



     The 2004-2005 Prius already has a display screen standard in every model. The new ViewTech audio/video interface we have created can be used to upgrade a base model with a variety of video, audio and aftermarket navigation solutions or to add external video or audio features to the fully equipped versions.
       Regardless of the screen type, the new VIEWTECH AUDIO/VIDEO INTERFACE is a plug-in installation with no wires to cut or solder. When the interface unit is selected, the standard Toyota graphics will be replaced by your choice of video input and the sound will automatically switch to your desired input. While the ViewTech unit is in operation, all other features such as those used for tuning, factory navigation map, or display menus (as pictured above) will appear with normal button presses on the unit or steering wheel when equipped.
     Take a look at the exciting, new VIEWTECH  systems for Toyota automobiles!

David, Kelley and Logan