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Radio Auxiliary Input

Many Prius owners have struggled to hook up aftermarket DVD, MD and CD players, satellite radios, MP3 players, etc. because the factory radio system does not accommodate sound input from any of these devices.

Well now it can!

CoastalEtech now has two additional systems which allow you to bring sound into your Prius either with or without a factory CD player installed!

If you do not have a factory CD player, you can plug in the adapter and connect it to any type of player you would like. The adapter has standard RCA jacks for left and right inputs and is an easy plug-in installation to the radio. To operate the unit, you simply press the CD button already on your dash and the sound from your accessory will play throughout the car. This device will eliminate the poor sound quality and need for FM modulators, which prior to this, was the only way to add components.

If you already have a factory single or 6 disk CD player, we have a kit for that as well! This adapter replaces the cable to the CD player, with one that allows left and right inputs from any of your accessories. A dash mounted switch is included which allows you to easily select either the sound from your CD player, or the sound from your desired accessory. The switch mounts perfectly using cutouts already present in your dash, thus maintaining a clean factory look.

Both of these kits allow your sound to be heard as it was meant to be! Without the reduced quality of an FM modulator. Installation instructions are included and provide step-by-step guidance with color photos.

With CD Player  $110.00

Without CD Player $125.00  Purchase

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