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Properly installed, this modification will change the power outlet from having power only when the key is "ON", to continuous operation even without the key in the ignition. This modification can also allow the use of charging devices designed for sealed batteries and the addition of a small solar panel to maintain the battery during extended storage of the vehicle, and the ability to jump start through the power outlet if necessary.



Following is an excerpt from the Power Outlet Modification Kit  which describes one method of changing the outlet to continuous operation:

Tools Needed:    Needle nose Pliers

Parts Necessary: Mini Fuse Tap (single blade type instead of doubled over style which wraps around fuse)

                            Mini Fuse Block Tap

                            2" Jumper Wire W/ Connectors

* All parts are included in kit *

At this time, Coastal Electronics would like to recommend that you have this installation completed by a certified mechanic or someone familiar with automotive electronics. This installation, while not time consuming, does require careful attention to detail and precise following of installation instructions.

Coastal Electronics accepts no responsibility for any outcomes due to the installation or use of this product!!

Step 1. It is recommended that you read and understand all the procedures and illustrations before starting any disassembly. Now, after having read through the instructions, begin by opening the fuse box cover on the driver's side of the dash next to the door.


Step 2. Notice there are three columns of fuses and the column on the Left side has an open fuse location at the bottom. This is a Constant 12 volt source and will be where the power comes from for the modification. Two Fuses up from the open location, is a Blue 15 Amp fuse. This is the fuse for the 12 volt power outlet. See Fig. 1.


Step 3. Using a pair of needle nose pliers or a fuse puller available at any auto parts store, Pull out the 15 Amp fuse described in Step. 2.

Step 4. Included in your kit is a jumper wire with an attached fuse tap and an attached fuse block tap. The fuse tap has the sharp point and is designed to be placed on top of a fuse, and gently squeezed together to make a simple method of extracting power from an existing fuse in a panel. See Fig. 2

Take the 15 amp fuse you just removed from the fuse panel, and lay the fuse tap on top of the fuse on the right hand side. Line up the points and gently squeeze the fuse and the tap together with your pliers.


Step 5. Now, insert the fuse w/ attached tap and jumper back into the fuse box in the open location at the bottom of the left hand column. The fuse tap and jumper wire will be on the right side of the fuse as you place it into position.


Step 6. The other end of the jumper has a fuse block tap attached to it. This type of tap is designed to press into a fuse box in the location where one end of a fuse would normally go. Take the jumper wire w/ attached fuse block tap, and plug it into the fuse block panel, in the location where the 15 Amp fuse was originally (two up from the bottom in the left hand column). You will insert it into the right side of the open fuse location. See Fig. 3


Congratulations, you have completed the power outlet modification. Now the dash power outlet will be a constant source of 12 volt power and is available for small accessories or the addition of battery maintaining devices. Take care not to insert devices into your outlet which could drain your battery down during long periods when the key is removed or accessories which exceed the peak current rating of 15 Amps.


Fig 1. Fuse box noting open location and existing fuse used in modification.

Fig 2. Jumper with Fuse and Tap joined and Fuse Block tap on left.

Fig 3. Fuse box after installation. Note Jumper is on Right side of both Taps. 


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