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     If your new Prius is equipped with the factory navigation system, you have seen the opening "I AGREE" disclaimer countless times.  It comes on every time you turn on the car and prompts you to press the "I AGREE" before you can use the navigation system.  Numerous requests have prompted us to include a feature to remove this step in the Navigation Enhancement Kit.
You asked, so we did it : )

    You also may have noticed that even your passenger is prevented from entering a DESTINATION while the car is in motion. This eliminates a great deal of the functionality of the Navigation system and requires the car to be stopped before you can create a route to an address. In our family, my wife tries to race and enter a destination before the stoplight changes, only to lose right at the end because the light has switched and I have to move the car to avoid getting honked at. This became the inspiration for this kit : )

    The NAVIGATION ENHANCEMENT KIT solves both of these issues without the need to cut any wires or perform virtually any disassembly of the car. It is easy to put in and just as easy to take out if you wish. Simply slide the drivers seat back and unplug a couple of connectors from the NAV unit underneath. The kit has the matching plugs to allow it to be inserted right back in the same spot. After plugging it in, the "I AGREE" screen will be automatically removed and any press of the DESTINATION button will allow full function of the touch screen and navigation functions!!!


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      Click Pictures for views of the new Nav Kit

The price for the NAVIGATION ENHANCEMENT KIT is  $99.00 + shipping. 
2004-2005 Prius
(This kit will not fit the 2006 Prius)

The Navigation Enhancement Kit is a complete kit and will include "I Agree" function and allow enhanced Destination Input features. This is a 5 minute installation for the Prius  : )

The Navigation Enhancement Kit was created to allow a passenger to input and search data and is not intended for driver's use.    Coastal Electronics accepts no responsibility for misuse of this item.  Please adhere to all driving laws within your specific state.



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