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Aftermarket Navigation System

Navigation System

Kit price: $1549.00

bulletIncludes: AVIC-80DVD Pioneer Navigation System
bulletCDTS-36 Remote Control Pickup with Speaker
bulletWiring Harness customized for the Prius
bulletWritten instructions for installation

The addition of any of the ViewTech systems allows the installation of an aftermarket Navigation system. After much research, the Pioneer AVIC-80 DVD GPS Navigation System was chosen for it’s sophistication, size, and ease of use.

Features which make it attractive include:

  1. Double Density DVD based --- This allows the entire mapping of the United States and Canada, plus hundreds of thousands of points of interest and phone numbers, to be stored on a single DVD disk. There is no need to change disks for long trips or for searches to distant areas. Updating your system is as easy as replacing a single DVD for the entire country, so your unit can be kept current as time goes by.
  2. Advanced location sensing---Global Positioning Satellites are received by the unit and your location is determined by reference to their signals. Also, gyro, speed sensors, an inclinometer, and G-force sensors combine to enhance the resolution and provide operation even when satellite signals are not present such as going through a tunnel, etc.
  3. Voice recognition for many of your instructions---A microphone responds to your speech and allows you to speak commands including destinations stored in your address book, telephone numbers for businesses throughout the country, locating restaurants, gas stations, creating detours, and many others. For advanced operations a remote control allows you to easily move around the maps and zoom in or out for details.
  4. Unique remote control---The remote control is a small, handheld remote with a “mouse” type function which allows easy entry of various inputs and allows ideal, simplistic and fast maneuvering on the screen.
  5. Very small size---The complete unit is no larger than a standard car radio and mounts easily under the passenger seat using already existing holes in the carpet and included brackets.
  6. Voice Guidance to your Destination---Our system is packaged with an optional Pioneer speaker which allows the computer to talk to you and guide you with voice messages to your destination.

The Navigation system is sold as a kit with instructions specific for the Prius and all parts necessary for installation. The wiring harness is prepared for length with appropriate connectors in place. A CDTS36 Pioneer Kit is included which acts as the receiver for your remote control and is the speaker which gives you voice guidance as you travel.

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Installation Photos

DVD Navigation Unit mounts under the seat for easy access

Microphone clips to visor


GPS Antenna mounts to dash

Standard moving map view


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