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"Programming New Keys"

    As I hope you know, because of the design of the anti-theft ignition system on the Prius, losing both of your black master keys can create a quite a problem and requires the replacement of a computer (which generally has to be ordered) and the expense of installation and reprogramming. Recently, we lost one of our keys, leaving us with only one, and decided to order a couple more just to insure against any future expensive mistakes. All you have to do is give the key number to the dealer and they can send you keys already cut to fit the locks or just order blanks and any key shop can cut them for you... except they still won't start the car  :). The computer has to be programmed for them first. This is something you can do yourself and really only takes a little more than a minute.
1. Begin by sitting in the driver seat with all the doors shut.
2. Insert your working master (black) key in the ignition.
3. Very Quickly, turn the key from "LOCK" to "ON" 5 times. (You will end with the key in the "LOCK" position)
4. Immediately, open and close the driver door 6 times very quickly. (End with the door closed)
5. Immediately, remove your working Master Key and insert your new Master Key
6. Turn the key to the "ON" position and leave it there while you wait for 1 minute.
7. After the minute, if you want to program another key, just remove the first one and insert the             next one, turning it to "ON" and leaving it in position for 1 minute.
8. When you are through programming keys, just take the last one out, open and then close the         driver door to lock in the programming, and your done :)
    Programming Sub Keys (Grey) is done the same way except you turn the master key 4 times before you open and close the door 5 times. Then insert the sub key, turn to the "ON" position, and wait your minute. Finish by removing the key and opening and closing the door 1 time as before.
    You can erase all the keys and start over by turning a working master key 6 times and then opening and closing the door 7 times. Then remove the key and reprogram again.
Remember : You only have a few seconds  to perform each maneuver so don't waste time. You will know when you have done it right when you insert the blank key and the security light on the radio stops blinking.  If it does not work, try completing the sequence faster, time yourself.  And don't worry, if it doesn't work the first time, just do it again :)
    **It is our understanding, according to the book,  you can have 2 master keys and 1 sub key, however, we are aware of one gentleman who was able to program 4 masters and 2 subs.  We currently have 3 masters and 1 sub.**


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