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Prius Multimedia System Display Removal Procedure

The addition to the screen, which allows connection to the various accessories viewable on the Prius Screen, is performed at our location in  Florida. The Prius operates normally without the screen in place and no error codes are generated if you drive it while the screen is being converted. The screen is simply an indicator of the processes occurring in the car and is not an integral part of the operation.

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Prius Multimedia System Display Removal Procedure

Following is a printable procedure for you to follow, which details removal of the Prius Screen. The removal process is not difficult and should be easily completed within an hour. The instructions are deliberately very detailed but as an overview, you are only removing a couple of Phillips screws, two 10MM nuts, and four 8MM bolts which hold the display. The rest of the panels are held by plastic retainers and push clips. If you are having the conversion process performed by a car stereo installer, give them this information to guide them and to save them time. A space has been left before each step, for you to check off before continuing to the next step. A video tape is available which goes over the same procedure and can be ordered.

At this time, Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc. would like to recommend that you have this installation completed by a certified mechanic or someone familiar with automotive electronics. This procedure, while not time consuming, does require careful attention to detail and precise following of installation instructions.

By using this material the owner assumes all responsibilities and agrees to hold Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc. harmless for any and all outcomes due to the use or installation of its information and products.

Tools necessary:

Standard Screwdriver

Phillips Screwdriver

10MM Wrench and 10MM Socket with Extension

8MM Wrench

_____1. Set the emergency brake, Turn the ignition key to "ON", press the regular brake pedal and pull the shifter handle down to "B" position. (This allows greater room for the dash to separate by moving the handle further away from the upper dash).



_____ 2. Open the trunk, and notice the small felt panel on the left side of the trunk floor. A small backup battery is behind this panel which we will temporarily disconnect (this is not the High Voltage battery but simply a 12 volt battery like in a regular car, only smaller). Begin by removing the three plastic black retainers holding the cover to the small battery in place (pressing the center in of each will release them and then pull them out). Once the panel is open, look at the battery and loosen the 10 MM nut on the left side of the battery which holds the ground battery terminal. Remove the battery terminal to eliminate power in the car throughout the rest of the installation.


______3. Back in the car, look below and to the side of the power outlet and notice the black plastic retainers on the corners on each side. Press in the centers of the retainers (same style as battery cover) on each side and remove them for reinstallation later.


_____ 4. Open the door in the lower section of the dash covering your CD. Pull the bottom section of the dash outward and release it from the clips on the upper corners by carefully pulling outward or with a screwdriver along the top edge to help.


______5. Unscrew the 2 Black Phillips screws near the upper corners of the CD player which are fasteners for the upper dash.


_____ 6. Press down on the back side of the trip odometer buttons (near the Multi-Display screen), and pull forward to release the assembly.


_____ 7. Unplug the 2 plugs from the backside of the assembly and set the unit aside.


_____ 8. Remove two 10MM nuts now visible just below the screen.


______9. With the nuts out all you have to do is pull forward on the entire upper dash and it will release from the clips along the top edge (The clips are marked in the Photo below). You can also use a flat blade screwdriver to pop it outward if you need to. You only need to move it out a few inches to expose the display screen.


______10. The plugs for the display are tucked around to the left under the Air Conditioning duct. Pull them out into view and unplug each of them. If your car has a factory Navigation system, there will be a total of three connectors to unplug, otherwise there are only two. Each is unique in size so they cannot be plugged in later incorrectly and they are color matched (White goes to White and Blue goes to Blue)


______11. The display screen is held in place with two 8MM bolts on each side. Using an 8MM wrench, take out the four bolts to allow removal of the display.


_____ 12. Lift straight up and out on the display screen to remove it from the dash panel.


_____ 13. Thread the four 8MM bolts back into the holes in the display so that you won’t lose them and lay the display aside.


_____ 14. Press the dash back into location. Just line up the clips along the top edge and press in until flush.

______15. Reinstall the two 10MM nuts removed earlier from the area behind the trip odometer switches.


______16. Plug in the two plugs for the trip odometer switches and slide it straight back into position (like you would a battery cover on a remote control) until it is flush.


______17. Reinstall the two black screws above the CD player.

______18. Line up the clips and press in the lower dash assembly

______19. Press in the two black retainer clips removed earlier from each bottom corner of the lower dash. To reinsert the clips, press the center pin of them back out (earlier you pressed them in to release them). Then push them back into the holes. Finish by pressing the center pin back flush with the surface to lock them in place.

______20. Put your shifter back into park and remove the key.

______21. Move to the trunk and put the battery terminal back into place and tighten the 10MM nut.

______22. Place the battery cover back into position and reinstall the black plastic retainers using the same procedure as the two on the lower dash corners.

______23. Press in Parking Brake and fully release it.


At this time you have completed removal of the display screen and reassembly. Schedule shipments with CoastalEtech so that your kit and accessories can be customized ahead of time to insure timely processing of your order. The address for shipping is:

Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc.

Attn: Prius Screen Conversions

To purchase a ViewTech System or to ship your screen, please contact us at (800) 507-2234.



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