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Installation of Engine Run Indicator Into Combination Meter 


1.) Begin by removing the cover over your front display (combination meter). This is easily done by grasping the back edge (next to windshield) and lifting up.


2.) Drop down glove box by turning and pulling out the pins on each side. Left side turns counter-clockwise and the right is clockwise (they may be tight).

3.) Feed LED and cable up thru dash to right of Combination Meter. Pull out white filter while your here and clean it out. You'll be surprised at the dirt in it!


4.) Bend LED 90 degrees at base to prepare it for insertion into meter. Once inside, turn it so it is pointed toward you.

5.) To get inside Meter, press down on gray catch (see photo) and lift up right edge of tinted shield (you may need a sharp blade to do this). Just lift it enough to insert and position LED, then press shield back down behind catch as before, capturing  wire on the edge. Reinstall cover (front first, then back) then pins in glove box (close door half way before installing pins). Congratulations enjoy your Run Kit.


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