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Bolt-On Receiver Hitch

**NOTE: As Toyota does not recommend towing by the Prius, Coastal Electronic Technologies intends the use of its' receiver hitches for bike racks and related accessories and not for towing.**

As Prius enthusiasts we are always interested in getting closer to nature by hiking, camping and cycling whenever possible. Unfortunately, accessories for these activities are difficult to fit into the trunk and the back seat does not have a fold-down option. Carrying large items used to be impossible, but now, there is a solution that will make all these things easy for the traveler.



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Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc. has developed a (2") receiver hitch ( 200lb tongue weight) which will simply bolt on without any drilling or assembly necessary. Installation takes less than 15 minutes with only four bolts, and once installed, a world full of accessories can be inserted, making your Prius much more versatile. It is sold for $149.00 and can be shipped anywhere. Complete instructions are included for fast easy installation on your 2001-2003 Prius.



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