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     The new Toyota Prius is sold in many countries around the world with the option of letting the driver select times when they would prefer to operate the car without the engine running.  The intention is to allow the driver to move the car out of the garage, or even out of the neighborhood, without the engine starting to awaken others. It is also a wonderful way to demonstrate the capabilities of the hybrid powertrain to passengers learning about the system  for the first time. This factory option is currently not available for buyers in North America although the programming for it is still included in the computers which control the hybrid system. This kit allows you (in just a few minutes) to activate the electric feature of your Prius and drive for short distances. The software already present in the car will automatically restart the engine when the battery needs to be recharged or if you need to accelerate quickly. The electric only feature can be turned on and used up to a speed of around 34 mph at which time it will automatically turn off and the car will operate as usual.

     The electric mode kit is designed for ease of installation and includes the necessary pin and connectors to complete the installation. Color photos and step by step instructions explain how to insert the missing pin and clip on two wires using simple wire taps. No wires are cut and very little disassembly is necessary to activate this feature. Once installed, the kit will create two possible uses for the "Cancel" function of your cruise control stalk. If you pull the cruise control stalk toward you (as when using the "Cancel" feature) and hold it for more than two seconds, the electric only mode will be signaled and the factory software will shut down the engine (or prevent it from starting if you are just turning on the car). This method will also turn off the electric mode when desired. The normal operation of the  "Cancel" feature when using the cruise control is unaffected by the addition of the circuit and will continue to function as usual.


The kit is $45.00+(S&H).  It will take approximately 25 minutes to install and requires only a pair of needle nose pliers and a screwdriver. 

Note: Currently this addition is only available for the 2004 - 2009 Prius models and not for the earlier 2000-2003 Prius.



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