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The Braking Indicator (Green light) will strongly light whenever the brake pedal is pressed and will cycle off as the pump engages.  This means, it will extinguish when the brake pedal is pressed harder, engaging the Hydraulic Booster (conventional braking) and energy is being lost to the brake pads. As the driver, you may utilize the maximum amount of forward momentum to charge the batteries and thus decrease time that the engine must run.


The Engine Run Indicator (Red light) will instantly illuminate whenever the engine turns on to power the car or to run your accessories. This can help you to manage your gas pedal pressure to extend purely electric or "stealth" modes.


The Indicator Kit requires only a four wire hookup, and comes complete with pre-assembled wiring harness, circuitry, and all necessary connectors. As always, our instructions include step by step details, color photos and superior customer support. Installation time is less than an hour.


With your first test drive in a new Prius, you will immediately notice that the brakes are a two step process. At first touch, the Prius utilizes all the forward energy to recharge the batteries (which increases gas mileage). If you increase pressure on the pedal, part of your forward momentum is wasted as heat on the brake pads. As with the Engine Run Kit, the more information you have as a driver, the more efficient you can become, and the more miles per gallon you can create!

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With the help of a tiny card that neatly slips into the center display, you can have a set of indicators which takes much of the mystery out of driving the Prius for maximum efficiency. High mileage is obtained through proper driving technique and practice. The Braking Indicator / Engine Run Combo gives you more of the information you need to drive the Prius to it's greatest capabilities.

DRIVING TIP: The key to maximum efficiency is to accelerate quickly and aggressively to your desired speed, maintain engine off or very light pressure on pedal to retain speed. Then, recover as much energy as possible during your braking process using very light and sustained braking pressures. That action lets the large generator provide the drag to slow the car down and helps to recharge the battery in the process.


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