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Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc. announces its newest addition to our Prius Accessories Line. THE Coastal Remote Trunk Opener!!!



No more fumbling for your keys in the dark or having to get into your car first to open your trunk! AND, No need to carry another remote... this works with your original remote control from Toyota. Operation is a simple 1-2-3! PRESS

  1. will open driver's door;
  2. will open all doors; and
  3. will open the trunk door!

Installation, as in all of our kits, requires no drilling, no cutting of wires, and no soldering! Installation takes approximately 45 minutes. Wires are already precut to length with connectors in place and linkage for actuator is prior assembled for easy installation.  Coastal always tries to create the most simple kit possible while maintaining the beauty of the car. As fellow Prius owners, it is important to us to create kits which are environmentally-friendly, user-friendly, and Prius-friendly. The price is $189.00 plus S&H.

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(Toyota Prius remote control NOT included in kit)


Coastal Electronic Technologies, Inc.



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