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     The Toyota Prius has two 12 volt power outlets, one inside the console and one in the dash. Both of these outlets are inactive when the car is turned off and cannot be used for a constant source of power. The following addition will cause the front power outlet to remain on, even when the car is turned off. This does not create any extra power drain or affect any of the other systems in the car. The fuses for the front and console power outlets will remain intact and continue to protect  their respective outlets without change. With the front outlet continuously active, a  small solar panel can be easily attached to maintain the 12 volt battery or for use in jumping the car should the 12 volt battery become discharged.


1. Above is a diagram of the rear of the fuse panel and a note describing the location and color of the wire to place a tap on when adding a constant power feature to the front power outlet. It also describes the color of the wire on the rear of the front power outlet where the jumper will be attached. The pictures which follow will illustrate the process in detail.


   2. Begin by moving the driver seat back and depressing the emergency brake fully.  (This is to give you a little more room when placing the tap on the specified wire of the fuse box). The picture above is from the floorboard looking up. Using the diagram pictured to the left, place a tap on the light green wire of plug 1K, Pin 2. Now plug one end of your jumper into the tap you just placed on the light green wire.


3. Just below the front power outlet is a ribbed insert which attaches the corner of the lower dash. Carefully remove this insert to allow the dash to pulled out slightly near the power outlet. This will expose the connections on the rear of the outlet where you can place another tap for your jumper.

4. Peel back some of the tape on the rear of the power outlet to expose the wired connections. Place a tap on the solid white wire and plug the end of your jumper (the other end is attached to the light green wire behind the fuse panel) into the tap on the rear of the power outlet to complete the installation. BE SURE THAT YOU ARE PLACING A TAP ON THE SOLID WHITE WIRE AND NOT THE WHITE WIRE WITH BLACK STRIPE. IF YOU MISTAKENLY ATTACH YOUR JUMPER TO THE WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPE WIRE YOU WILL BLOW THE FUSE FOR THE POWER OUTLET.


A simple kit has been created for the jumper and includes the wire taps and jumper with attached connectors. The kit is $10.00+(S&H).  It will take approximately 15 minutes to install and requires only a pair of needle nose pliers and a screwdriver. 

This addition is only for the front outlet and not for the console outlet. Creating a constant powered source for the console outlet requires wires to be cut and not a simple jumper. 



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