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"The Toyota Prius, as we all know, has two power sources which drive the vehicle.  One is electric the other is an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).  One of the wonderful benefits of this car is that, due to the 2 power sources, you get great gas mileage.  There are ways, however, of making optimal use of the Hybrid system to get the best Miles per Gallon possible.  The Engine Run indicator kit will tell you when the ICE is running to help you improve your driving technique thereby enhancing MPG's.  Unlike the center display, the LED indicator will instantly illuminate whenever the gasoline engine is running in the Prius, even if it is just idling or operating the A/C.  Use this information to maximize your fuel economy and to increase the efficiency of your accessories.  By careful manipulation, you can increase the time that you car is in the silent or "stealth mode" and thereby increasing your mileage."




The kit is $26.00+(S&H).  It will take approximately 10 minutes to install and requires only a pair of needle nose pliers.  The only thing visible is your LED indicator.  It attaches securely, with double face tape, under the dash.  This is a very easy installation, and as always, CoastalEtech's support will be available to help should you have any questions.


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