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DVD Multimedia System


Mobile DVD Player

Kit Price: $264.00
bulletIncludes: DVD-6T Farenheit
bulletWiring harness customized for plug-in connection to ViewTech system.

The addition of the Deluxe ViewTech System allows full video and sound operation of any Multi-Media accessory desired.The Farenheit DVD-6T was selected as a featured DVD player for itís comprehensive capabilities and its size.

Features include:

  1. Full featured DVD player including all standard operations plus zoom, angles, slow motion, programmed repeats and more.
  2. Plays MP3 recorded CDís with on screen viewing and selection of folders and songs via remote control.
  3. Plays standard CDís and those recorded on rewritable disks.
  4. Plays Video CDís you have purchased or recorded yourself
  5. Equipped with TV tuner for selection of VHF/UHF channels. Automatic searching and programming of channels in unknown areas is included.
  6. Auxiliary inputs for video game, etc.
  7. Volume control with mute function.
  8. All functions are performed with remote control. An external remote receiver pickup is included which allows you to control the unit without pointing the remote at the player.
  9. Thin size allows convenient mounting under the seat. This unit has a tray, which extends to allow easy access for disk changes.


Installation Photos

Front Panel With Remote

Position under Front Seat

"Please note: DVD units may be substituted, at the same price, with a comparable unit."

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