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System Information and Prices

bullet   Installation has to be carefully considered when making any modification to a new vehicle or frankly, any vehicle. The Prius is a very sophisticated automobile and incorporates safety features which few of us are qualified to tamper with. These include airbags, steering, and braking. The CoastalEtech Remote Cruise System is designed to eliminate the need to disassemble any of these critical systems and thus allows peace of mind when installation is complete that all of these systems will continue to perform as they were designed.
bullet The receiver does not consume any power when the car is turned off so it will not discharge the battery if the car is left without being started for a period of time.
bullet  Installation can be completed in around a half hour with just a few hand tools (screwdriver, ratchet, and pliers) and without cutting any wires or drilling any holes.  The car retains the stock appearance and the unit can be easily removed. If you can install a car radio, you can install a cruise system in your Prius.
bulletThe complete kit sells for $199.00, this includes (2) remote controls.  Installation is available at our location for $50.00. All major credit cards accepted.
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bulletSeveral other exciting projects are now under way for the Toyota Prius that will soon be published and available as a kit. These will take advantage of other hidden features that are waiting to be awakened in this truly remarkable automobile! Stay tuned.....

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