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Color Night Vision Camera

Our Standard package comes with the parts needed to install
 as a rear camera, however this amazing camera 
can be installed anywhere in or on the car.


The Night Vision Rear Camera can be installed near the license plate to automatically provide images to your Viewtech system when your Prius is placed in reverse. This camera is waterproof and uses a built-in infrared illumination system for use in complete darkness. During daylight, it operates as a high quality low light level color camera for superb imaging. At night,  sensor detects light levels and automatically turns on the night vision circuitry. The image is displayed in color when possible and black and white during operation in complete darkness. This is not a mirrored image when displayed on the Prius screen.


Our night vision Camera:

  1. Provides greater capabilities and can be used in all light levels.

  2. It's waterproof design requires less care when going thru car washes, etc.

  3. Enhances the safety of operating your automobile.

  4. Is complete with precut harness and installation instructions for your Prius.

  5. Cost $269.00 


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